Saka Bali Calendar

There are three kinds of calendar system which is mostly used: based on solar system and lunar system and combination of solar and lunar system.  Solar system is based on how many days the earth rotates around the sun; so 1 year has an average 365 days. The lunar system based on the time taken by the moon to rotate around the earth; which is about 29 days + 12 hours + 44 minutes and 12 time of  this equals with 1 year of lunar based calendar system.

Bali uses yet another calendar system. Bali uses wuku (week), sasih (moon) and warawewaran.  There are 30 wuku, 12 sasih, and 10 wewaran. Wewaran consist of 10 groups of the day. One cycle of Bali calendar called 1 oton is 210 days (wuku x sapta wara or 30 x 7 = 210).

Combination of wuku, sasih and wewaran makes each days has such unique meaning. One particular day has more positive energy for doing such things / work. Another particular day has less negative energy and even there is some day when prohibit to do some particular things such as getting married etc.


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