In the afternoon of Penampahan Galungan (1 day before Galungan), Bali people will install the penjor in front of their house gate. Penjor is a bamboo poles that are curved at the top and (decorated) with full of religious symbolic and meaning of. Penjor is a kind of offerings where people express their gratitude for the prosperity of the earth that is bestowed on them. The bow of the penjor symbolizes the holy mount Agung, and along bamboo pole as river that run down from the mountain to the sea. Decoration of fruits and plants are symbolic for the crop that can grow where the river (symbol for water) passes the farming lands on its way to the sea.

Penjor will be removed 35 days after Galungan. This also mark the end of Galungan season. Penjor will be burn and its ash will be put in coconut shell then buried at private temple ground or it can be washed away in the river / the sea. Besides for Galungan holy day, penjor also install when there is a ceremony in the temple.

There are two kinds of penjors: Penjor Wali and Penjor Hias. Penjor Wali is for religious purpose, it is part of the ceremony, meanwhile penjor hias is made for decoration.

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