Wara / Wewaran

Wara is name of day in Bali calendar. There are 10 groups of wara and each wara contain from only 1 day to 10 days. Length of one round depends on how many days in group, e.g. Panca Wara contains 5 days as literally the meaning of Panca is 5 and Wara is day. First day is Umanis, followed by Pahing, Pon, Wage and the last one is Kliwon. We called this 1 cycle. The second cycle back/start  again from Umanis and to Kliwon, and so on etc.

Names of Wewaran (10)

  1. Eka Wara (cycle of 1 day: luang)
  2. Dwi Wara (cycle of 2 days: menga, pepet)
  3. Tri Wara (cycle of 3 days: pasah, beteng, kajeng)
  4. Catur Wara  (cycle of 4 days: sri, laba, jaya, menala)
  5. Panca Wara  (cycle of 5 days: umanis, pahing, pon, wage, kliwon)
  6. Sad Wara  (cycle of 6 days: tungleh, aryang, tulukung, paniron, was, maulu)
  7. Sapta Wara  (cycle of 7 days: redite, soma, anggara, buda, wrespati, sukra, saniscara)
  8. Asta Wara  (cycle of 8 days: sri, indra, guru, yama, ludra, brahma, kala, uma)
  9. Sanga Wara  (cycle of 9 days: dangu, jangur, gigis, nohan, ogan, erangan, urungan, tulus, dadi)
  10. Dasa Wara  (cycle of 10 days: pandita, pati, suka, duka, sri, manah, manusia, dewa, raja, raksasa)



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